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DN50 GGG40/50 Ductile Iron Resilient Seat Rising Stem Gate Valve

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Product Description

Size: 1½" - 48" (DN40 - DN1200)

Standard: DIN / BS / ANSI / Korean

Structure: Gate

Pressure: PN10, PN16, PN25

Coating: WRAS approved epoxy powder at 300 micron thick

Media: Water

Certificate: ISO, SGS, CE

BodyDuctile iron GGG50 with WRAS FBE coating
StemCarbon steel with galvanization, SS420, SS304, SS3316
Wedge discDuctile iron GGG50 overall EPDM rubber coasting
handleThin iron, ductile iron
Wedge nutDuctile iron, brass


1. Ductile iron body has more stronger tensile strength, not easy to be broken up.

2. Gland on top design can replace the seal ring easily without cutting the water supply.

3. 3 "O"type ring seal can reduce the friction resistance when opening and closing.

4. Easy handling and reliable sealing.


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